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Tricolor Uses Innovation, Technology to Drive Customer Experience 

At Tricolor Auto Acceptance, technology drives the goal of delivering seamless, sustainable financial products across dealerships and digital channels, President and Chief Operating Officer Don Goin told Auto Finance Excellence. “Our business strategy is hyper-focused on the customer experience relative to financial inclusion,” Goin said. “Part of this strategy is the prioritization of product development […]

Rewriting the Golden Rule: A Fresh Approach to Tailored Marketing Strategies

From the May issue: Prominent technology companies hailing from the heart of Silicon Valley are changing the way consumers shop — and the ease and efficiency with which these companies sell their products is prompting the auto finance sector to up its game. Amazon pushes related products to consumers when they purchase a product on […]

Tricolor Targets New Customers Based on Google Search Patterns

Tricolor Auto Acceptance has implemented Google’s AdWord advertising platform to attract its “very specific consumer” online, Chief Executive Daniel Chu told Auto Finance News. “We have the ability to align marketing and risk,” he said of the new digital strategy that analyzes specific terms searched on Google to reach the no-file and thin-file Hispanic consumers […]

Waymo LiDAR Costs 10% Less Than Similar Tech, Lawsuit Claims

Waymo’s proprietary in-house LiDAR designs — which the company claims Uber and Otto have stolen — cost less than 10% of the benchmark LiDAR systems available just a few years ago. That, according to an Auto Finance News investigation of Waymo’s civil complain against Uber and Otto. This alleged-tech theft has reportedly netted Otto employees more than $500 million — and allowed Uber to revive […]

Driverless Cars Put Insurers on a Complex New Road

In August, Ford Motor Co. announced plans to produce fully autonomous cars by 2021. These vehicles will be manufactured in high-volume production and will be tailored for ride-hailing and ride-sharing operations, which means they will not have steering wheels, brake pedals, or other controls for human occupants.

Car Loans Inc. Cuts Mobile Site Load Time [VIDEO]

Speed and ease of use are essential to a financial provider’s mobile payment arrangement functions, according to Max Haynes, founder and chief executive at Car Loans Inc. Which is why the company has cut its mobile site load time down from 10 seconds to between two and three seconds, Haynes told attendees at Auto Finance Innovation […]

Slow-to-load Mobile Sites Harm Brands, Google Exec Says

The speed of a mobile site’s load time is the most important factor for consumers, Jeremy Anderson, head of financial services at Google, told attendees last week at LendIt 2016. “The No. 1 thing that people get frustrated with is speed. Speed is money,” Anderson said. “40% of people will abandon a site if it […]
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