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2020 Auto Finance Summit returns as virtual experience

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Auto Finance News is proud to present the agenda for the 20th annual Auto Finance Summit 2020, now available at AutoFinanceSummit.com. The event will be featured as a virtual experience October 20-22. Registration can be found here.

The virtual event kicks off with an executive dialogue that will discuss the auto industry’s trajectory and the looming challenges ahead. As in previous years, agenda is packed with sessions to channel unique conversations and offer brand-new alternatives for lenders and dealers, complete with the much-loved Women in Auto Finance Keynote and the Auto Finance Excellence Awards

The Fireside Chat, featuring Ally President of Auto Finance Doug Timmerman, will discuss the economy, innovation, industry trends and fresh growth ideas heading into 2021 in a dynamic one-on-one discussion.

Additional topics for discussion will include brand building with individualized consumer experiences, market trends and conditions, the status of borrower extensions, macroeconomic implications of the pandemic, touchless vehicle delivery, ancillary-product revenue, prioritizing key risk areas between lender and consumer, as well as new technology.

Designed with the audience in mind, the Auto Finance Summit features virtual booths, breakout areas, on-demand and live sessions, and networking opportunities that allow participants to drive the experience. The full agenda for the event can be viewed here.

It’s a revolutionary time for auto finance, amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic and national shutdowns. Dealerships are fighting to keep their showrooms open to the public, while lenders seek new alternatives to provide consumers with a unique car-buying experience that will keep the industry thriving. 

The Auto Finance Summit 2020 will delve into these complex issues as well as state-of-the-art marketing techniques, the securitization market during the pandemic, innovative technology and digital experiences, dealership support enterprises and more. 

For more information on this all new virtual event, please visit the Auto Finance Summit website by clicking here


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