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Tricolor adds human touch to innovation

Tricolor Auto Acceptance adds a personal touch to its innovation initiatives when working on new products, President and Chief Operating Officer Don Goin told Auto Finance News.

“When we’re working on new products, we use a customer-centric design thinking concept, which includes feedback from customers,” Goin said.

Specifically, Tricolor employs a focus group approach when testing new products. Chief Product and Strategy Officer Mauricio Delgado’s team will bring in current and potential customers — “we’ll sit with them, we’ll do side-by-sides, we’ll show them the screens and interfaces and collect feedback [from them],” Goin said, adding that their responses guide development moving forward.

“In order to see if our communication tools are working, we primarily look at change in conversion,” Goin added. “So when a person goes shopping for a vehicle, and we are able to find them the right inventory that matches their needs and we’re able to provide them with financing that they need, we’ve succeeded in the product,” he said.

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