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Fair scales business ahead of global expansion

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Fair, a vehicle subscription service app, added three tech veterans to its leadership team as it begins to scale the business with an eye toward international expansion.

“The heart and soul of Fair is tech and data science,” Bauer said, noting that the 3-year-old company will be allocating time and resources to improve the customer experience on the app. “This is an exciting period of the lifecycle of our business, from startup to build-out to scaling, and that’s what we’re moving into now at a rapid pace,” he added.

To that end, Jay Trinidad, a former Google executive, was appointed chief product officer, overseeing Fair’s app development and technology efforts. Pat Wilkison, previously a technology investment banker at Lehman Brothers and Barclays and also one of the startup’s earliest investors, will manage the Uber partnership and program. Meanwhile, former TrueCar exec John Pierantoni was tapped to be senior vice president of finance and risk.

Under the leadership of Trinidad, Fair will apply more tech competencies and more intuitive tools for shopping. “Every day we have to ask ourselves, ‘Can we create an even more magical customer experience?’ That is Jay and the team’s daily task, all day long and all the night when they dream about it,” Bauer said.

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