2021 Auto Finance Innovation Summit returns as virtual experience

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Auto Finance News is proud to present the agenda for the fifth annual Auto Finance Innovation Summit, which returns as a virtual experience March 16-17, 2021. Registration and session information are found at www.autofinanceinnovation.com.

Auto lenders are redefining industry innovation amid the rise of digital car-buying and e-signing capabilities, trends accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s summit takes a deep dive into new digital developments as industry leaders discuss the acceleration of consumer and dealer adoption of online financing tools, ways to integrate e-commerce retail and finance channels, payments and the technology required to survive in a digital age.

A highlight of this year’s virtual event will be a fireside chat with an executive from a top finance company who will discuss innovation and technology in auto finance amid the global pandemic.

Returning is the Auto Finance Innovation Summit DEMOvation Challenge, a fan favorite for four years running, with innovative businesses presenting their products live in the virtual event platform on March 16.

New to the event this year is a Technology Showcase that features discussion of the latest advances in auto finance with five seasoned technology providers.

As payments technology changes for all consumers, auto lenders are partnering with payment providers to offer payment services for tolls, parking, gas and food. The event brings in an industry expert to discuss how lenders can harness connected car technology to leverage new data for consumer insights, and how to address related security risks.

Register for the upcoming Auto Finance Innovation Summit to learn how businesses are investing in technology amid the changing landscape of the auto finance industry.

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