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Westlake Exec Outlines Auto Finance Strategy for the Current Economic Cycle [VIDEO]

Technology tools will help lenders navigate and excel in the current financial cycle, said Paul Kerwin, Westlake Financial EVP and CFO, at the 18th Annual Auto Finance Summit. “For auto finance, we’re really in a new cycle and a new game,” Kerwin said. “The cycle started in 2009. Everything was pretty easy — there wasn’t […]

Consumers Show Increased Appetite for ‘Cheap Finance,’ Report Finds

Since the downturn, the combination of attractive lease deals, pent-up consumer demand, and easy credit availability have pushed sales higher, according to an industry report by White Clarke Group released last week. Light-vehicle sales in the U.S. have delivered seven consecutive annual gains since the financial crash — marking the longest upwards streak in decades. […]

Regulatory Attention Points to Challenges Ahead [VIDEO]

The auto finance market needs to focus on “generating positive messages as it endures a flurry of negative publicity” and growing attention from regulators. That is the key takeaway from a video posted this week by White Clarke Group on a panel debate at the International Auto Finance Conference, which took place in May in London. […]

An Internal Assessment of Risk is Beneficial in a CFPB Exam, Regulator Says [VIDEO]

A lender’s risk assessment, conducted prior to an exam by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is viewed as a “positive” thing by the bureau, according to Calvin Hagins, deputy assistant director for originations at the CFPB. Furthermore, that internal assessment — along with the CFPB’s own consumer complaint data — will be taken into account when […]
  • Larissa Padden
  • December 9, 2016
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CFPB: Exams Will Be ‘More in Depth’ in 2017 [VIDEO]

Auto finance regulatory examinations in 2017 are expected to be “more in depth,” in terms of the types and scope of reviews, as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau moves into a “more routine approach” to exams, said Calvin Hagins, deputy assistant director for originations at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB is taking its learnings […]

CPS Set Up to Be ‘Recession Resistant,’ CEO Says

Consumer Portfolio Services Inc. has a two-year revolving line of credit, with a one year amortization period, which — while not recession proof — is hopefully recession resistant, Chief Executive Charles Bradley said. “It gives us two years to use them, but what it really does, with the amortization, if for some reason you can’t […]

Digital Offerings at Mercedes-Benz FS Cater to Millennials [Video]

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has been making its vehicles and financing options more affordable recently, in hopes of securing a larger portion of the millennial generation quickly moving into economic prowess, said Rob Wegener, head of marketing operations at the company. “All the luxury brands are changing their mix,” Wegener said during a video interview with […]

Auto Captives Summit Evaluates Auto Finance in New Digital Ecosystem [SPONSORED]

Leading software supplier White Clarke Group held its second successful Auto Captives Summit on Nov. 9 at the Hilton Tower Bridge London. Senior executives from the world’s largest captive auto finance companies met to consider and debate the transforming landscape of auto finance and to hear a series of powerful insights into how technology is […]
  • White Clarke Group
  • November 18, 2016
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