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Rising Gas Prices Help Boost Electric Vehicle Values

DALLAS — Electric-vehicle values have been on the rise in part due to rising gas prices and greater acceptance of the technology, but the category still faces roadblocks in residual retention, panelists said at the Auto Finance Performance and Compliance Summit. “Over the last three to six months we have seen an uptick in almost […]

Something has to Give: How Bloated Incentives are Harming the Industry

New vehicles are getting more expensive, but so far those price increases have done little to dissuade consumers from pulling the trigger on new-car purchases or leases because manufacturer incentives have been so generous. However, incentives and production could be taking a downturn as auto sales slow. Average incentive spending through February rose year over […]

Ford’s Exit From U.S. Car Space Could Mildly Boost Used Market

Ford Motor Co. announced the cancellation of its various U.S. sedan models last week to focus on more popular SUV and truck segments, and whether the move is a win for the company or not, it could positively impact the used-car segment more generally. “We see the downside at this point being relatively small and […]

Subprime New-Car Sales Fall As Industry Refocuses on Prime Credit

New-vehicle sales were flat among the high-credit borrowers in the first two months of the year, while subprime scores dropped 9%, according to a J.D. Power report. Those sales rebounded a bit later in the quarter as subprime new-vehicle sales ended up 40 basis points lower year over year, dropping to 9.5% of total sales […]

Incentives to Decline in February as OEMs Adjust Production

Inventive spending may have turned the corner and be on the decline in 2018 as manufacturers lower production amid forecasted slower sales, according to a J.D. Power report. The drop is small at just $14 lower to $3,840 in incentives through the first three weeks in February. However, the shift is significant as it could […]

Top 6 Auto Finance Operational Changes to Watch

While lenders, of course, have to focus on lending practices, compliance, and risk management to remain successful in this space, many business owners know employee operations and customer service are just as important. There have been several operational moves among large lenders and shifts in customer service trends over the past year, and financial institutions […]

Your Dealer Relationship Checklist [SPONSORED]

You’ve implemented strong technology solutions to provide dealers with automatic approvals and denials. You’ve created robust mobile applications to foster strong relationships with consumers. You might even have gone completely digital with all loan services. In the race to provide dealers and consumers with instant credit descisioning, have you lost the human element of building […]
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