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AFS 2019: HyreCar exec pinpoints subscription service challenges and opportunities [Video]

What do delivery pizza and automotive subscription services have in common? HyreCar’s SVP of Strategic Partnerships Brian Allan made the case at the Auto Finance Summit that vehicle subscription services could unlock the potential for consumer adoption with a seamless mobile app, just as Domino’s achieved with pizza delivery 10 years ago. “Domino’s changed the […]

More dealers use CarGurus, TrueCar than other digital platforms

When it comes to dealerships’ digital functionality and presence, CarGurus is the most widely used third-party digital platform, according to new data from an Auto Finance News dealer insights survey. The survey tapped a sampling of dealers nationwide to unveil digital trends directly from the showroom. Among dealers surveyed, 45% said they leverage CarGurus’ platform, a marketplace […]

HyreCar’s earn-to-own program focuses on short-term loans

HyreCar’s dealer portal has paved the way for its new earn-to-own pilot program, Brian Allan, senior vice president of strategic partnerships, told Auto Finance News. The new earn-to-own program would allow drivers who rent cars for ridesharing programs to eventually finance their vehicle. “The portal helps dealers identify these customers that are renting [cars to use […]

HyreCar looks to break rent-for-rideshare mold

HyreCar’s “platform agnostic” approach to ridesharing is a key driver of the startup’s surplus of users, according to Brian Allan, senior vice president of strategic partnerships. “Most every other rent-for-rideshare platform ties [consumers] down to specific platforms, [such as Uber or Lyft],” he said, adding that HyreCar users can drive for services such as Lyft, […]

HyreCar adds dealers to boost 2Q revenue, cut losses

HyreCar has been focused on expanding commercial accounts — which include auto dealers and fleet managers — to boost revenue and cut net losses in the second quarter. HyreCar, a mobility-as-a-service carsharing marketplace, closed out the quarter with 170 commercial accounts, up 49% year over year. Those accounts provided 2,300 vehicles to the platform, compared […]
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