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Dealership Financing Slips as Customers Prefer Online Options, Survey Shows

Consumers are increasingly opting to skip the dealership when it comes to getting their next auto loan, according to fresh data from Fico. Published last week, Fico’s 2019 U.S. Consumer Survey of Vehicle Finance Perceptions examined how consumers looked at the financing of their vehicle purchases and how auto finance companies are currently meeting their […]

Volkswagen Reenters Capital Markets With $1B Securitization

Volkswagen’s U.S. captive finance arm, Volkswagen Credit Inc., is reentering the prime ABS space with a $1 billion issuance thanks to stronger collateral and credit enhancements, according to presale reports from S&P Global Ratings and Fitch Ratings. Volkswagen Auto Loan Enhanced Trust (VALET) 2018-1’s issuance is VW Credit’s first auto loan securitization since 2014. The […]