New Webinar Explores How to Boost Dealer Relations

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Auto lender Flagship Credit Acceptance, and loan portfolio buyer Innovate Auto Finance detailed the kinds of technologies they use to connect with dealers for a webinar entitled: Deepening Dealer Relationships: How lenders can win business in a time of increased competition?

The webinar is the the first of a four-part series to be presented by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence this year.

Scott France, president of Innovate Auto Finance’s subsidiary Loan Portfolio Servicing, alongside George Ewing, vice president of sales, strategy, and development at Flagship, share their insights into the industry in this first installment.

During the 30-minute webinar, the two discussed disruption in the space, and why dealers want technology that’s speedier, more personalized, and which helps them communicate better with their lenders.

As a portfolio buyer, France said, Laon Portfolio Servicing generally experiences more interest from small lenders and buy-here, pay-here dealers looking to sell.

“What we’re starting to see now is a lot of portfolios are popping up for sale, because funding sources are drying up,” France said. “So, we’re starting to see more and more business come to market at very reasonable prices.”

Watch the full webinar below.

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