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How SNAAC, Turner Acceptance Are Tackling Tech Integration Challenges

As lenders advance in their digital transformations, integration hurdles are popping up with higher frequency. Lenders are being pressed to quickly diagnose problems, identify solutions, and secure buy-in across the organization to implement their plans efficiently.

That’s the upshot from the latest webinar hosted by Auto Finance Excellence. Tune in to the complete recording of the webinar below.

During this new webinar, panelists guide listeners through best practices for balancing technical expertise with practical business needs to ensure successful project implementation.

“Coming from a smaller organization, the technology we look to in the future is deciding if it is something realistic for us to do,” said Andres Huertas, chief originations and marketing officer at Turner Acceptance Corp. “But most importantly, it’s about finding the right partner. The solution is very important, but the provider is going to help us succeed in the implementation of the solution.”

Security National Automotive Acceptance Company (SNAAC), for one, is focusing heavily on technologies that help improve the customer experience while finding partners to help facilitate their goals, said Bill DeLong, senior vice president and chief information officer at SNAAC. “Technology that can capture the customer’s attention from credit application through servicing that account — while reaching [consumers] where and when they want to be met specifically around social media channels — that’s been a heavy part of our focus.”

These are just some of the topics DeLong and Huertas tackle during this exclusive event, the second in a series of quarterly webinars presented by AFE this year.

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