Wells Fargo partners with nonprofit, donates vehicle to vet

© Can Stock Photo / astrozombie

Wells Fargo, in partnership with Minneapolis-based Walser Automotive Group, is sponsoring the donation of a 2019 Nissan Rouge Sport through the Military Warriors Support Foundation’s Transportation4Heroes program. The vehicle will go to an undisclosed retired Marine Corps veteran today at the Minnesota State Fair at 3 p.m. ET. This is the second straight year Wells Fargo has sponsored a vehicle donation at the state fair, bank spokesman John Hobot told Auto Finance Excellence.

A key ceremony will be held on Aug. 28 at Walser Automotive Group. Since 2012, Wells Fargo has provided more than 25 vehicles to combat-wounded veterans and Goldstar families.

“The real joy in the program is seeing the pictures of someone who’s received the vehicle,” said Wells Fargo spokeswoman Natalie Brown. “For anyone of us, a new vehicle could be a game changer and really impactful on day-to-day life.”

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo plans to sponsor 12 car donations this year and another 12 next year, Brown said.

Vehicle recipients are chosen through “a very rigorous process,” said Ashley Clyne, a spokeswoman for the Military Warriors Support Foundation. To qualify, they must be a combat-wounded veteran or a Gold Star spouse. They also must not have more than one vehicle in their household. Further, they must provide financing details to prove they can afford gas and maintenance of the vehicle.

In addition to Wells Fargo, the Military Warriors Support Foundation partners with Bank of America, Citizens Bank, SunTrust Bank and U.S. Bank.

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