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Ally boosts Instagram engagement 60% with interactive campaign

Ally Financial is jumpstarting its Instagram presence with a campaign designed to make discussing finances within relationships easier.

Already, the lender has grown its Instagram followers 60% since the spring launch of Confessiongrams, as the campaign is called. Positive feedback and engagement prompted Ally to extend paid support on the campaign further, running until Thursday.

The Detroit-based company leveraged its partnerships with influencers – or social media-famous people – to encourage other users to open up about their finances, which can be a taboo topic. “We began the creative journey with the insight that fights about money are the second leading cause of divorce,” said Saloni Janveja, Ally’s executive director of social and marketing innovation. “Having the ‘money talk’ can be difficult and even taboo to initiate, so we wanted to leverage Instagram in a unique way to make financial conversations and honesty more accessible to couples,” she said.

Confessiongrams is a truth-or-dare style campaign, where participants choose to either answer a question about their finances or post a video completing an embarrassing dare. Some of the truth questions ask if couples believe parents should pay for their child’s college tuition or how early in a relationship you would tell your partner your salary.

The dares, on the other hand, range from posting a video of the player doing the worm to sharing a video of the player beatboxing a lullaby. “Coming up with the dares was a lot of fun for the team,” Janveja said. “We aimed for dares that weren’t so ridiculous that people wouldn’t do them but would still be fun to complete and give players a chance to share the content with others.”

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Prior to Confessiongrams, Janveja said Ally had “dabbled in Instagram with a few paid opportunities,” producing commercial-type campaigns, such as Payback Time and Banksgiving. However, Janveja wanted to reach beyond stock imagery and repurposed footage with an interactive campaign that was “uniquely Ally.”

Janveja said the bank will continue to use Instagram to fuel conversations about finances and promote brand awareness.

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