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Porsche Expands Subscription Program With Carshare, Short-Term Options

Porsche Macan

Porsche Digital Inc. launched two pilot programs last month that expanded its reach in the subscription and carshare space by allowing consumers to rent from a fleet of vehicles for daily or weekly rates.

Porsche Passport is the company’s flagship subscription program that allows consumers in the Atlanta metro area to pay a monthly rate for access to a wide range of Porsche vehicles. For those in the area that want something more short-term, there’s now Porsche Drive.

Like the Passport program, Drive comes at a premium that includes white glove concierge service, insurance, and maintenance in the price. Boxster, Cayman, and Macan vehicles start at $269 for a four-hour rental and go up to $2,139 for a week. At the top end, the 911 Carrera can be rented for $2,909 a week.

Porsche Passport is similarly priced at $2,000 to $3,000 a month, but that also requires a $500 activation fee.

For those in California, Porsche is also partnering with car share company Turo for a peer-to-peer rental program called Porsche Host. It allows existing Porsche owners to rent out their vehicles to residents in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“Partnerships with innovators like Turo are the key to ensuring that we can turn our vision into reality and provide our customers with completely new Porsche experiences,” explains Thilo Koslowski, chief executive of Porsche Digital, Inc. “By working with our partners, we are able to develop new mobility offerings and business models.”

Vehicle owners on Porsche Host are trained to “provide the premium experience that is typical of Porsche,” according to a press release. Porsche Host launches on Oct. 8.

“The collaboration with Porsche is a fantastic opportunity to reach a large number of enthusiasts via our marketplace,” said Andre Haddad, chief executive of Turo. “I have always been a Porsche fan myself, and I enjoy the feeling of handing over the keys to my own 911 to another Porsche connoisseur for a short time.”

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