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Hyundai Capital Gives Customers Free Fico Scores

2016 Elantra GTHyundai Capital America is offering its customers free access to their credit scores, according to a press release.

Hyundai Motor Finance and Kia Motors Finance customers will receive free scores on a quarterly basis as a part of the Fico Score Open-Access program, the captive announced yesterday. This is as an extension of a promotion started in 2014 that offered free credit scores to customers enlisted in HCA’s college grad program.

As part of the new program, customers who opt in online will be able to view their credit scores when they log into their accounts. Customers will continue to gain access to their Fico scores for a year after their vehicle financing or lease agreement ends.

“We applaud Hyundai Capital America for being an early adopter of the Fico Score Open Access program,” Jim Wehmann, executive vice president of Scores at Fair Isaac Corp., said in the release. “This step will provide more borrowers across the country with the tools and information they need to more fully understand how to manage their financial health and build a strong financial foundation for the future.”

Ally Financial made a similar announcement at a BuySecure event — part of a White House Initiative to stop identity theft– at the Federal Trade Commission in January 2014, when the company revealed it will give customers access to Fico scores via its Ally Auto Online Services and Ally Auto Mobile Pay App.

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One thought on “Hyundai Capital Gives Customers Free Fico Scores

  1. This is yet another reason why Hyundai rules. I own an Elantra and I just bought my mom a Kia. The salespeople at each dealership were soooooooooo much nicer compared to some of the “bigger” dealerships. I’ll never go another one again.

    This is so smart….the loan process is usually such a headache. So, giving away FICO scores for free makes a stressful situation a little easier. Thanks Hyundai!

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