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Waymo Enlists Chrysler to Supply 62,000 Minivans for Autonomous Fleet

While Fiat Chrysler Auto isn’t developing autonomous vehicle technology, the OEM has partnered with Waymo to supply the technology company’s fleet. Waymo, a division of Google-parent company Alphabet, increased the size of its self-driving taxi fleet more than 100-fold with the order of 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans from FCA last week. FCA Chief Executive […]

Waymo Partners With Insurance Startup to Roll Out Ride-hailing Service

Following Waymo’s announcement in November that it would launch a commercial ride-hailing service in 2018, Waymo has partnered with a startup to provide the proper insurance. Waymo currently operates a beta ride-hailing service to the public in Phoenix, Ariz., and will be work with Danville, Calif.-based Trov to provide on-demand trip insurance customized for passengers of Waymo’s soon-to-be-launched […]

Waymo LiDAR Costs 10% Less Than Similar Tech, Lawsuit Claims

Waymo’s proprietary in-house LiDAR designs — which the company claims Uber and Otto have stolen — cost less than 10% of the benchmark LiDAR systems available just a few years ago. That, according to an Auto Finance News investigation of Waymo’s civil complain against Uber and Otto. This alleged-tech theft has reportedly netted Otto employees more than $500 million — and allowed Uber to revive […]