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PenFed Eyes Tenfold Boost in Balloon Financing Volume

Pentagon Federal Credit Union is hoping a newly inked agreement with Auto Financial Group (AFG) will prop up its balloon financing business to at least $10 million per month, said Ivan McBride, vice president of automotive lending products and sales at PenFed. Last week the companies announced the partnership, which enables PenFed to offer members […]

Concierge Financial to Launch Military Program With New Credit Union Partner

Concierge Financial Services, a refinance loan broker, plans to partner with another credit union to develop a special finance program for veterans and active or retired military, Chief Executive and Founder Thomas Domin told Powersports Finance. “We have a conference call with a credit union that deals with all military — active, non-active, or retired — throughout […]

Pentagon Fed Preps Big Changes to Mobile App

Pentagon Federal Credit Union is mapping out its “next big transition” in the mobile banking space: switching its app to a customer “acquisition” channel, from a customer “maintenance” channel, Chris Martin, senior vice president of regional service centers at PenFed, told Auto Finance News. “Today, we have all the tools and functions on our app […]

Open Lending Targets Banks as Subprime Competition Heats up

Increasing competition in the auto sector has prompted risk analytics firm Open Lending LLC to set its sight on banks, after having “cut its teeth” in the credit union space since 2000, said Chief Executive John Flynn. Open Lending’s program combines risk-based pricing models configured to lenders’ individual cost factors and financial targets with loan […]
  • Larissa Padden
  • March 25, 2015
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