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Getaround Offers Income, Credit Boost

SAN DIEGO — Potential car buyers are looking to Getaround — a peer-to-peer carshare platform — as an “equity-like income stream” that could boost their chances of landing a loan or lease, the startup’s Chief Financial Officer Adam Kosmicki said during a panel at last month’s Auto Finance Innovation 2017. “From an owner’s perspective, when you list your […]

Getaround Aims to Develop On-Demand Maintenance Services

SAN DIEGO — Getaround is preparing for an autonomous future by developing technology to enable its platform to provide on-demand maintenance services, Chief Financial Offer Adam Kosmicki said at Auto Finance Innovation 2017 yesterday. Getaround is the sharing access point for a vehicle, Kosmicki said. “We have built a technology platform where, in a lot of cars today, we have […]

5 Mobility Platforms Advancing the Gig Economy

When Uber began in 2009, the company assumed the position of leading the first wave of mobility services into the gig economy, and in many ways has come to define it. But as the gig economy has evolved, it has expanded into a nebulous entity that has outgrown a simple example. Uber, for instance, has established […]

Will Getaround Expand Toyota Lease Incentive Program With $45MM Funding?

Getaround plans to open up its peer-to-peer carsharing platform to five additional markets this year, including potentially New York, thanks — in part — to the $45 million it raised in Series C funding, Auto Finance News has learned. The expansions will mark 2017 as Getaround’s biggest expansion year, Jacqueline Tanzella, director of marketing communications at Getaround, told Auto Finance News. […]

Wireless EV Charging Offers Investment Options for Financiers

There is a massive rush to advance mobility, beyond just traditional rideshare, and the financing beneath the mobility infrastructure has caught the attention of many major automakers and captives. From Toyota Financial Services’s partnerships with Uber and Getaround, to General Motors Co.’s Book by Cadillac and Maven carshare programs, OEMs are making sure they remain […]

Getaround Brings Keyless Carsharing Tech to New Jersey

Getaround opened up its keyless peer-to-peer carsharing platform to Tri-State New Jersey. Now, the “airbnb for cars,” as it calls itself, is already targeting five additional markets to enter this year, marking 2017 as Getaround’s biggest expansion year, Mobility Buzz has learned. Getaround, which was founded in 2009, utilizes proprietary technology that combines GPS, Bluetooth LE, and keyless remote technology to allow […]

Breaking Tradition: How Mobility is Forcing Captives to Rethink Insurance

There is a horror story floated by captives and whispered by worst-case scenario conspiracy theorists in which rideshare drivers lease vehicles, get into a car wreck, and their insurance doesn’t cover commercial activity, leaving the captive stuck with both the damages and a delinquent borrower. These claims aren’t totally unsubstantiated. Services such as Uber and […]
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