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2019 Survival Guide: How Lenders Are Planning for the Year Ahead

From the January issue: 2018 was a strong year for auto finance as delinquency rates dropped, the economy grew, and consumer demand remained high. However, the new year finds lenders and analysts bracing for an economic slowdown. But that’s not the only worry. New-car purchases are lagging, according to Manheim’s November data, which has new-vehicle sales […]

Honor Finance’s ABS Downgrade Seems to Signal Market Contraction

Subprime auto lender Honor Finance’s 2016 ABS issuance is the first post-crisis downgrade — an indication that the industry’s contraction period is coming sooner than expected, Joe Cioffi, chair of the insolvency, creditors’ rights, and financial products practice group at Davis & Gilbert, told Auto Finance News today. “[The downgrade] is a reminder that ratings are […]

How ABS Credit Enhancements Are Masking Subprime Risk [PODCAST]

Multiple subprime auto securitizers are coming to the market with lower average Fico scores, longer terms, and higher loan-to-value ratios than their previous issuances. Yet, these deals are being rewarded with higher ratings. Joseph Cioffi, a partner at Davis & Gilbert LLP, has identified a fair amount of risk in this pattern and joined the Center […]

Lawyer Claims ABS Structures Show Signs of Weakness, Despite Ratings

Although every rating agency touted the resilience of auto securitization deals at ABS East 2017, the structures that protect investors from losses are weaker than they appear, Joseph Cioffi, partner at Davis & Gilbert, told Auto Finance News. Rating agencies give a lot of weight to the protection known as overcollateralization, which is like stocking […]