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Carvoy Joins Speaker Lineup for Auto Finance Innovation

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Daniel Yuabov, co-founder and chief executive at Carvoy Inc., joined the speaker roster for the second annual Auto Finance Innovationevent, slated for May 17 – 18 in San Diego.

Carvoy facilitates the entire car-buying process by allowing consumers to either customize or choose the kind of car they want via the website, and Carvoy takes care of the rest — from arranging financing to delivering the vehicle to the consumer. Currently, the startup sends a customer’s vehicle request to over 300 participating dealerships in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, who compete to offer the customer the best leasing agreement, offered through the dealer’s finance partner; the best three are shown to the customer.

The goal of Carvoy is to provide transparency to the leasing process, and the company’s new product Carvoy Ignite, which launches May 1, continues that endeavor by giving the customer even more control, Daniel Yuabov, co-founder and chief executive, told Auto Finance News.

Carvoy Ignite offers an adjustable, live pricing format. “For example, a customer can search for a Subaru and adjust [lease duration, out of pocket costs, etc.] in real time, without any dealer or person pushing you in any direction,” Yuabov said. During the process, the customer is shown everything about leasing a vehicle, including MSRP, dealer invoice, discount, rebates, and more. Carvoy Ignite provides customers with access to thousands of vehicle listings — from traditional combustion engines to electric vehicles, Yuabov said.

Yuabov will join the panel entitled “Emerging Mobility Startups,” alongside Danny Martinez, president of Blinker, where they will brainstorm on what’s next for auto finance and the credit industries.

Additional sessions at Auto Finance Innovation include “Exploring the Mobile Ecosystem,” in which Nathan Hecht, founder of Honcker; Roy Mathew, Co-founder and CEO of uQuote; and Craig Schleicher, senior manager of PwC Consumer Finance Group, will discuss need for speed in mobile app development.

Auto Finance Innovation is a two-day conference hosted by Auto Finance News covering the latest innovations occurring in the vehicle finance sector. The event takes place Wednesday, May 17, and Thursday, May 18, in San Diego at the Hilton Bayfront hotel. Visit to register or learn more. To request a media pass, contact Skylar Taylor at

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