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Carvana Expands Credit Union Partnerships in Georgia

Via Carvana's Facebook Page

Via Carvana’s Facebook Page

The online used-car marketplace, Carvana, expanded its credit union partners with two additions serving the Georgia area: LGE Community Credit Union and the Associated Credit Union.

“Credit unions have been incredible partners of ours as they share our customer-first mentality and are receptive to innovation,” said Ernie Garcia, chief executive and co-founder of Carvana, in a press release. “Our model is very similar to credit unions, as we are both dedicated to offering a transparent experience and providing the best service to our customers.”

Members of these credit unions will have to go to the actual location, or correspond with a financial representative via a phone call or online, in order to get pre-approved for a Carvana vehicle. Once that process is done, Carvana’s fully digital experience kicks in as usual, and consumers can browse its inventory of cars from home and have the vehicle delivered.

“We wanted to offer our members an easy, affordable way to purchase vehicles and Carvana was a natural, ideal fit, ” said Scott Brooks, vice president of marketing and business development for LGE, in a press release.

These additions brings Carvana’s total credit union partners up to 13 the release stated, and it expands the startup’s footprint in Georgia, where one of the company’s first physical locations was started in 2013.

“We’re always looking for new and innovative services for our members that provide value and convenience,” said Tom Maiellaro, vice president of marketing for ACU. “This partnership allows us to be able to provide an even greater level of service and convenience to our members, and we are confident they will benefit from the new way to buy a car that Carvana has introduced.”

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