Reps Performance Index

The Reps Performance Index is an interactive tool that provides quantitative data on dealer perceptions of lender performance related to credit underwriters and field reps.

The database enables users to analyze and benchmark their companies’ — and their competitors’ — rep performance. Lenders are graded for how their reps are performing overall, and within four primary components of performance: accessibility, knowledge, willingness to get deals done, and ability to act in a consultative manner. Lenders are also scored for performance among various dealer demographics — franchise versus independent dealers, and standalone stores versus dealership groups of varying sizes.

Ratings are presented based on percentile ranks, in 20% increments. In other words, lenders whose reps scored in the top 20th percentile were labeled “Very Good,” while those in the lowest 20th percentile were labeled “Very Poor.” The remaining designations, at equal intervals, are “Good,” “Average,” and “Poor.”

To use the Reps Performance Index, select a company name and/or performance rating in any of the categories below:

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* Data in the Reps Performance Index stems from the 2016 Auto Finance Performance initiative, which quantifies lender performance in Reps, Pricing, Service, and Products. In all, 4,334 dealers from across the nation and credit spectrum participated in the query during the summer of 2016. Note that companies with fewer than 50 responses were excluded from the ranking. For questions or comments, or to find out how to be included in a future Reps Performance Index, please contact Marcie Belles at 212-991-6733 or [email protected].