Auto Finance News | The News That Drives the Industry - Part 803

Ally on track for 20% growth as dealers ramp up volume, analyst predicts

Ally Financial’s originations are on pace to increase 20% in the coming years as the non-General Motors and non-Chrysler dealers in the lender's network boost their application volume, wrote Jefferies Research Services analyst John Hecht in a report yesterday. In a best-case scenario, that growth could reach as high as 31%, he added. Ally has added […]

The Double-Edged Sword

Long-term loan products are poised to replace lease offerings for customers seeking low monthly payments on their automobiles. But 72- and 84-month loans may create a new set of problems for the industry as lenders face a surge of negative equity among their borrowers. In auto finance, “negative equity” occurs when a borrower owes more […]

Stressing the Stress Tests

Though losses in auto loan- and lease-backed securitizations have reached — or, in some cases, exceeded — their long-term averages, so far the rating agencies and investment banks are fairly comfortable with ABS performance. Analysts at Standard & Poor’s and Citigroup, which both held conference calls on consumer ABS in the past few days, pointed […]

Invitation to Participate in the Auto Finance Forecast

Every quarter Auto Finance News and, its sister publication, conducts the Auto Finance Forecast, which gauges activities and sentiments in the automotive lending and leasing market. We invite your participation here. Results will be made public at the 2008 Auto Finance Summit, Oct. 6-8, as well as in Auto Finance News and on

Prices Surge for Used Compact Cars

Intense demand for compact cars has sent sales volume — and pricing — higher, even on pre-owned inventory. During June, the wholesale prices of used compact cars increased about $300 to $7,376, according to ADESA Inc. statistics. Within the pre-owned market, dealers are selling compact cars well beyond their Blue Book assessed values and making […]

Lenders Beware: Floorplan Troubles Loom

Auto lenders have been taking it on the chin for months now, and it seems things will get worse before they get better. So far, financiers have largely blamed their woes on high gas prices, a tough economy, and higher-than-expected residual losses. But in the next few months, troubles related to dealer floorplans will begin […]

European Auto Finance Mirrors U.S. Market

The auto finance market across the Atlantic looks strikingly similar to the one in the United States. Sales of sport utility vehicles are plummeting, lenders are scrutinizing dealer performance, and auto retailers are laying off employees. Check out this sampling of items from the most recent issue of Motor Finance magazine: • Parker’s Car Price […]

Current employment opportunities at Navigator Acceptance and Dealer Group

Navigator Holdings, LLC (“Navigator”) owns and operates 11 independent automobile dealerships (“Navigator Dealer Group LLC”) and a captive finance company (“Navigator Acceptance LLC”). Our dealerships specialize in selling transportation and utility vehicles and are conveniently located throughout the states of Georgia and Indiana. The talent and passion of our people are critical to our success. […]

Navigator Holdings Rescues Manchester, Inc.

Navigator Holdings Rescues Manchester, Inc. ATLANTA (August 5) – When the economy made its downturn, finance companies were forced to change their business models or quickly fade away. Such was the case with Manchester, Inc., an automobile finance company that was unable to adjust to the rapidly changing economic conditions and was forced into bankruptcy. […]
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