Getting Ready for CFPB Exams

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence hosts “Getting Ready for CFPB Examinations,” the third of a four part 2015 series of webinars presented through the generous support of Fiserv.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “Larger Participants” rule for nonbank auto lenders takes effect Aug. 31. The Center for Auto Finance Excellence is pleased to present this webinar to help auto lenders brace themselves for CFPB examinations. The new rule means the CFPB adds examination authority to its existing enforcement authority over larger nonbank auto lenders. For the first time, captives and some independent finance companies will be subject to federal examinations that are broader and more rigorous than the state examinations to which they may be accustomed.

In this hourlong webinar, a trio of exam experts will address the groundwork needed before regulators show up, plus some war stories from exams past. Panelists are Michael Benoit and Trisha Cacciola, partners at Hudson Cook LLP, and Jennifer Hampson, a regulatory exam specialist with VW Credit Inc.


Michael A. Benoit, Partner, Hudson Cook LLP
Trisha Cacciola, Partner, Hudson Cook LLP
Jennifer Hampson, Regulatory Exam Specialist, VW Credit Inc.
Jim Henry, Senior Editor, Auto Finance News