Closing the GAP: Best Practices in Aftermarket Product Compliance Webinar

In 2024, regulators are closely monitoring aftermarket add-on products to assess their value for consumers and the fairness and transparency of their sales practices.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed stricter regulations on dealerships’ selling tactics for these products. This includes prohibiting “bait-and-switch advertising tactics” and cracking down on unnecessary, unclear, or deceptive fees. Even voluntary protection add-on products like Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and maintenance packages have attracted increased regulatory attention.
To aid auto dealers in maintaining compliance, Auto Finance News is organizing a complimentary webinar titled “Closing The GAP: Best Practices in Aftermarket Product Compliance.” This webinar lets you leverage industry experts’ strategic experience and recommendations in your regulatory compliance plans.
By participating in the webinar, you will gain insights on:
– Understanding state and federal requirements for selling aftermarket products
– Implementing compliant processes for handling cancellations and refunds of ancillary products
– Utilizing operational best practices to avoid regulatory examinations and enforcement actions
Registration for the Closing the GAP webinar is entirely free. Gather your team and mark your calendars for March 14th at 1 PM EST to ensure your business avoids regulatory scrutiny.


Michael Benoit

Partner, Hudson Cook

Raymond Naples

Associate General Counsel & Compliance Officer, Veros Credit

Nick Waddell

General Manager at Cycle Springs Powersports, a division of Clearwater, Fla.-based Dimmitt Automotive Group