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Auto Finance News is proud to support the AFSA Education Foundation and its MoneySKILL program as our 2018 charity partner.

Auto Finance News is honored that multitudes of wonderful industry professionals dedicate themselves to speaking at the conferences we produce. Therefore, Auto Finance News will make donations to MoneySKILL in the name of each member of our event Speaker Faculties.

AFSA Education Foundation was established to provide a variety of financial education services nationwide. The mission of the AFSA Education Foundation is to promote awareness of personal money management skills and knowledge that will help consumers realize the benefits of responsible money management and the credit process.

The AFSA Education Foundation promotes personal finance education for consumers of all ages. Its MoneySKILL program is an online personal finance curriculum that teaches money management in the areas of income, expenses, credit, saving and investing, and insurance. The high school/college course content is delivered through a series of modules with written text reinforced by audio narration. Since its inception, over 810,000 students have completed the program.

To date, Royal Media Group has made more than 500 charitable donations in the name of members of our Speaker Faculties. And it is only the beginning.