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Webinar: Simplifying Titling with Tax and Fee Estimates

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Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions presented a webinar on Wednesday, March 7 called “Simplifying Titling with Tax and Fee Estimates.” That webinar is now available free and on-demand.

Whether in the consumer person-to-person or commercial space, upfront understanding of taxes and fees can be the difference between a smooth process and an unsecured asset.  Requirements and fees can vary widely based on state or type of vehicle and a lender needs to be prepared to discuss the specifics with the borrower and ensure that the loan officer and documentation teams are aligned on expectations prior to loan closing.

Additionally, the webinar addressed:

  • How transactions that cross state lines can require special calculations of fees & taxes
  • How following up on exceptions/ collections requires added time, cost and effort by lender
  • How a breakdown of required documents, jurisdictional fees and information needed for state-specific transactions can make all the difference

Watch now below or by clicking here.

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