The value of behavior-based coaching for auto finance teams. Sponsored by VoiceOps

The Value of Behavior-Based Coaching for Auto Finance Teams

Webinar Presented by VoiceOps & Westlake Financial

Date:  January 19th, 2021| Time:  1:00PM ET


In the competitive auto finance industry, how you sell matters as much as what you sell. Customers are making large financial decisions and expect a personalized, consultative, trust-based experience with your agents. Yet they often lack the training and support to level-up their skills due to outdated coaching processes. Coaches are overloaded, sifting through mountains of call data, and firefighting daily escalations. These issues lead to millions of dollars left on the table.

Behavior-based coaching enables you to focus on what really matters to improve performance quickly and efficiently. Companies who implement this approach drive lasting behavior change among their agents that leads to a consultative (and more successful) experience for customers and bottom-line impact.

Join VoiceOps and experts from Westlake Financial to learn how to successfully execute behavior-based coaching with your agents. The session will cover:

  • An introduction to behavior-based coaching and why it’s important for auto finance teams to achieve optimal performance of agents.

  • How lenders can partner strategically with vendors to accelerate results from behavior-based coaching.

  • A deep-dive look at how a leading lender has improved adherence to key behaviors for auto finance with measurable impact on their bottom line.

Ethan Barhydt

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Renfro

Senior Vice President Services
Westlake Financial

Jennifer Horton

Service Manager
Westlake Financial

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