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Honda Finance Focused on Mobile for the ‘Foreseeable Future’

Red Crystal BallAmerican Honda Finance Corp. is focused on enhancing the “ease of use and the completeness” of its mobile offerings, a spokesman for the company told Auto Finance News.

“We expect the use of mobile to grow and become the primary payment platform for our customers, much as we see across the consumer financial industry in general,” he said.

Given this strategy, the captive will enhance mobile offerings for the “foreseeable future,” he said. The move comes on the heels of upgrades to AHFC’s online loan and lease payment system, to enable compatibility with all mobile devices.

“Now payment information is presented in a format specifically designed for these devices, which provides a friendlier experience for our customers choosing this plat­form,” the spokesman said.

The captive’s parent company, Honda Motor Co., partnered with Visa back in February to work on developing an in-car payment platform to purchase items like gas and fast food, and to make parking payments. Likewise, AHFC will look into supporting customer payments across new channels — including via in-vehicle telematics — but has no immediate implementation plans, the spokesman said.

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