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Uber Releases Commercial Touting Benefits of Ridesharing [VIDEO]

Uber has released a commercial with a humorous take on street traffic in Bangkok where all the cars have been replaced with boxes.

The commercial features people in boxes shouting and bumping into each other. The video also features people “parking” their box and then forgetting which one is theirs as well as an intersection devoid of any rules wherein a swirling chaos of boxes leads to a complete standstill.

The commercial is based off a report that Uber commissioned from Boston Consulting Group that analyzed the impact of ridesharing in Southeast Asia and beyond, dubbed “Unlocking Cities.” With this information, Uber has begun a marketing campaign to highlight the positive impact that ridesharing can have by reducing the amount of traffic in cities with notorious problems. Traffic problems in Vietnam, for example, lead to the ban on motorbikes. Additionally, in other cities “the average Kuala Lampur driver spends 20 days stuck in traffic,” the study notes.

“Up to 71% of the people we surveyed in nine cities across Asia believe that ridesharing services can replace the need for owning a car,” according to the study.

Check out the video below:

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