The Importance of Perfecting Your Interest in Person-to-Person Vehicle Transactions [SPONSORED]

  • Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
  • September 7, 2017

In spite of current volatility in the automotive industry, the used “person-to-person” vehicle market remains fertile. As with all asset-backed lending, it’s crucial for lending institutions to protect their investments in financed motor vehicles by perfecting their interests. That means conducting due diligence and making the appropriate title filings in relevant jurisdictions to establish a security interest in those assets. But many companies are not prepared to address the unique demands and complexities that can come with motor vehicle title processing.

Learn more about this dynamic and how to be better prepared by downloading “Title Processing in Person-to-Person Motor Vehicle Transactions: The Value of Best Practices and Expert Support.” There are real financial ramifications to understanding what’s required for which kinds of vehicles and in what jurisdictions and we take a closer look at ways to protect your investment.

Access our white paper here.

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