SpringboardAuto to Double Staff, Open Larger Office This Year

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SpringboardAuto, an online direct lender and platform that connects customers with auto lenders, has grown its operations and is moving into a larger office in order to accommodate.

The office, located at the Discovery Business Center in Irvine, Calif., is 12,000 square feet — double the size of the company’s current space, Founder and Chief Executive Jim Landy told Auto Finance News.

“We’ve approximately doubled the number of employees over last year and currently have around 50 employees — a number we expect to double [again] by the end of the year,” he said. The company will also be expanding and developing its platform.

“Our budget is going into enhancements to the platform, so product management technology is the biggest line item there,” Landy said.

SpringboardAuto partners with a dozen credit unions and is looking to add banks. “We received really good feedback from banks and credit unions looking to license our platform,” Landy said.

The company is in discussions with several lenders and just signed with an undisclosed credit union. The partnership is expected to be announced this month.

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