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Southeast Toyota Finance to Add Text, Email Notifications to Loan Payment Portal

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Southeast Toyota Finance plans to launch a website tool in 2018 that will allow borrowers to take more control over the payment preferences on their auto loans, said Vice President of Operations Michael Hollis.

The company primarily uses calling for payment reminders, but the new system will give consumers the ability to choose between call, text, email, or a secured message portal on Southeast Toyota Finance’s website.

“Where the old traditional phone call may not be the trick, the customer may want a reminder via email or some other digital channel,” Hollis told Auto Finance News. “We’re looking to expand that further in 2018 to provide assistance and allow customers to self-help, self-pay, and self-remedy throughout the communication cycle.”

The portal, which plugs into the company’s internal customer relationship management (CRM) system, will also allow borrowers to choose when they receive payment reminders — whether a number of days ahead of time or on the due date. The secure message component of the portal is already live, as the company sought to provide an easier customer experience without having to initially jump over the compliance hurdles associated with text and email communications.

“I’ll tell you in non-flowery words that compliance is non-negotiable,” Hollis said. “It’s a pillar of our DNA as we move forward. We’re trying to blend that with the customer experience, so we’re making investments in our customer relationship management abilities.”

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