Taking Action: Strategies to Manage Shifting Credit Behavior

Auto Finance News is pleased to present the “Taking Action: Strategies to Manage Shifting Credit Behavior” webinar, sponsored by Equifax, on strategies for mitigating credit risk, with the goal of helping lenders pinpoint the key characteristics of consumers with the most potential for credit improvement. How can non-traditional data supplement credit scores? What steps are required to develop best practices? These are just some of the questions we will tackle during this hour-long event.

This webinar will discuss how lenders increasingly rely on more than just a simple credit score to judge an applicant’s creditworthiness. Instead of periodic “snapshots” of a consumer’s credit history, new data and new technology can create more of a “movie” of a customer’s payment behavior and how it’s likely to change over time. It’s especially important in the subprime sector, to predict which credit profiles will likely improve, and which will likely worsen ― and to price appropriately for the risk.

“Taking Action: Strategies to Manage Shifting Credit Behavior” webinar features Flagship Credit Acceptance’s Vice President of Risk & Analytics, Karl Stabler.

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