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Auto Finance Advisors (AFA), a consultancy focused exclusively automotive lending and leasing, provides management advisory and research services to the auto finance industry.

Advisory. AFA engages with auto finance and investment management teams to define strategic goals and synchronize those goals with market realities. Engagements vary in duration and direction, but universally has AFA principals intensely engaged with clients and often centered on capital raising and strategy.

Research. AFA assists in the development of strategic or business plans; guides clients to meaningful operational improvement; and/or provides clients with market and competitive intelligence. AFA produces the annual Auto Finance Performance data project, which develops deep, actionable data on lender performance with their dealer-customers.

The consultancy is an outgrowth of the auto finance-related endeavors of Royal Media, which:

AFA’s industry research invariably uses the Big Wheels and Auto Finance Performance data sets as touchstones from which to launch more detailed research initiatives. Such projects often have AFA delving deeply into unique elements of the broader auto finance market or could hone in on specific auto finance products, pricing, and/or competition.

By being so entrenched in auto finance, Auto Finance Advisors can effectively aid clients to maximize their performance in automotive lending and leasing. To learn more about AFA, please call 212-991-6736.

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