Is the CFPB Going Away in 2017? [SPONSORED]

  • WALZ Group
  • January 31, 2017

SuitecasesAlmost immediately after Donald Trump’s electoral victory, the speculation started rolling in regarding the fate of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Will it be dissolved? Will it stay? If it stays, what will its authority look like under a Trump administration?

We’ll know more when the dust settles, of course, but we’ve prepared some expert analysis to help you get a better grasp on the way this year could play out.

In a new whitepaper, our compliance experts explain:

– The likelihood of CFPB restructuring under the Trump administration.

– Why it’s likely that state regulators will fill the vacuum created by any regulatory cutbacks at the federal level.

– And how the compliance landscape may actually prove trickier, even with less activity from the CFPB.

Download our new white paper  “Regulations In Motion,” now to learn more about the compliance challenges facing the vehicle finance industry in 2017. Communicating with borrowers in delinquency or default will always be one of the riskiest, most-scrutinized, and costly a for a servicer, but by staying informed, you can help your company prepare for what’s in store—even amidst the uncertainty of 2017.

WALZ, a division of Lenderlive, helps the nation’s largest vehicle finance companies comply  and efficiently operationalize compliance throughout their critical borrower communications.

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