Features | Auto Finance News - Part 9

8 Powersports Lenders Offer Aid to Harvey Borrowers

More than half a million vehicles in the Houston area are estimated to be a total loss — including motorcycles and other recreational vehicles — in the wake of flooding damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. “Short-term motorcycle demand from impacted areas will be hurt,” Wells Fargo Securities analyst Tim Conder said in a published report. […]

Reinventing the Aftermarket: Will All-Inclusive Subscription Services Be the Next Big Thing?

While “all-inclusive” is a pretty well-known concept in the resort world — many vacation spots boast carefree, wallet-less getaways, where everything is included in one price — the term is almost foreign in auto finance. But that is poised to change, as several lenders adapt the “all-inclusive” concept into their business models, with an aim […]

Top 6 Auto Finance Operational Changes to Watch

While lenders, of course, have to focus on lending practices, compliance, and risk management to remain successful in this space, many business owners know employee operations and customer service are just as important. There have been several operational moves among large lenders and shifts in customer service trends over the past year, and financial institutions […]

6 Lawsuits to Watch and Lessons Learned

As the powersports industry grows, regulatory scrutiny will also increase, prompting lenders to devote more time and resources to compliance due diligence, several lawyers told Powersports Finance. Powersports lenders are already on regulators’ radars, because they have been particularly focused on the auto finance industry, and the powersports industry is considered by many as a subset […]

8 Tips for Improving Collection Practices

Delinquencies continue to climb to levels unseen since the financial crisis, which is why many lenders are focused on improving collections practices and bolstering their loss mitigation strategies. Auto Finance News spoke with four collections experts to pinpoint best practices and optimal strategies for mitigating losses and improving collections. Here are eight tips for improving […]

6 Compliance Topics Lenders Need to Watch

There was a lot of optimism in the business community following the 2016 election as dreams of tax reform and deregulation swirled around in CEO’s heads. But, in reality, it’s been a lot of the same partisan gridlock that tends to mire the process.   A partisan fight over healthcare continues to take up all […]

10 Auto Finance and Mobility Companies Tackling AI

The term “artificial intelligence” may seem like a 21st century buzzword, but in fact it has existed for more than six decades. However, only now is a part of our daily lives. AI exists in simple forms, like chatbots and digital personal assistants, as well as more advanced iterations in machine learning and self-driving cars. […]
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