Features | Auto Finance News - Part 8

8 Tips for Marketing to Millennials as Sales Slip

As baby boomers continue to age out of the industry — replaced with millennial buyers — manufacturers like Harley-Davidson Inc. and Polaris Industries Inc. are brainstorming ways to target these consumers. But as this age demographic shifts, lenders will also need to be innovative in their underwriting and marketing efforts to cater to this “up […]

Why Machine Learning for Credit Approvals Sparks Interest From Lenders

When Ford Motor Credit Co. announced it would start to use machine learning for underwriting practices in August, the automotive industry took notice. It is estimated that 30 to 40 auto lenders are looking at alternative credit data for underwriting, either in active usage or in viability testing, according to Brian Landau, senior vice president […]

How Captives Are Reacting to 6 Industry Trends

Captive financial companies are often at the forefront of technology as they are able to tap the manufacturer’s offers to deliver sales, and this year has been no exception. Buzz around autonomous cars has pushed captives to think more about mobility services, slowing sales have inspired companies to invest in alternative credit scoring models, and […]

9 Ways to Speed Up the F&I Process

Over the past several years, dealerships have learned that speed matters in the F&I office. The average transaction takes up to three hours, but customers only have the patience for 90 minutes, according to The Academy, a training center for retail automotive professionals. Customers have become more acquainted with an automated world in which instant one-click […]

10 VC Firms Investing in the Mobility of the Future

Behind every startup funding round there’s an eager venture capital firm waiting for its investment to mature. By some accounts, the mobility industry will be worth $3 trillion dollars across the various connected, shared, autonomous vehicle space as it continues to evolve and grow. With that in mind, Auto Finance News rounded up the top […]

6 Auto Securitization Trends From ABS East

When assessing the strength of the auto finance industry, it’s often helpful to separate actual performance from the ratings on the ABS markets, said John Bella, managing director of structured finance asset-backed securities for Fitch Ratings. There are several trends Fitch Ratings identifies that could impact performance, including a worsening of the depreciation rate in […]
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