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GM Financial doubles down on digital marketing

GM Financial is raising awareness for its dealer-focused digital marketing campaign — called Secret Sauce — through a guerrilla marketing effort on the lots of its dealership partners, complete with food, swag and networking opportunities. The Secret Sauce campaign is a monthly video series designed to highlight a top-performing General Motors dealer, allowing them to […]

Quantifying the likelihood of a data breach [webinar]

Across the industry, lenders are becoming dependent on a vast and expanding digital infrastructure. In turn, businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cybercriminals. Should a breach occur, lenders are pressed to quickly diagnose problems and identify solutions to ensure that customers’ personal information is protected. That’s the upshot from the latest webinar hosted by Auto Finance Excellence. Tune […]

SunTrust, Westlake Financial execs offer career advice

The executives of two of the top 30 auto financiers in the U.S. offered up guidance to industry veterans and those just entering the business. Auto Finance Excellence spoke with Westlake Financial Services President Ian Anderson and SunTrust Banks’ head of indirect lending, Chuck Jones, who, together, carry 60 years of industry experience. Advice for new hires: Entering the highly competitive and complex […]

Data breaches: What to do when it happens to you

Friday at 5:15 p.m. your chief information officer calls saying she thinks the company has been hacked. The allegedly hacked customer records have not been posted, yet the tip appears legitimate. The CIO asks: “What do we do?” Scenarios like this are increasingly common, and the reputational, regulatory and operational effects can be devastating. Your […]

Understanding how GLBA exemptions affect CCPA

The California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) goes into effect in January, and although California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has said his office won’t enforce the law until July, lenders should start preparing now, said Michael Benoit, partner at Hudson Cook. One important aspect of that preparation is understanding how exemptions in the Gramm-Leach-Blilley Act (GLBA) overflow into the CCPA. […]

How to speed funding processes

A hyper-connected society has come to expect near-instantaneous business transactions. Whether it’s an Amazon purchase, concert tickets or a flight to London, consumers expect a quick, efficient experience. Although auto lending is more complicated than those purchases, lenders can leverage the latest technologies to deliver similar efficiency. Many lenders have optimized loan application and underwriting processes. However, […]
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