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Cashing in on Cars – A Look at Popular Automotive Bets

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Automotive sports betting is popular around the world. In the United States, it’s available for NASCAR and IndyCar, and in Europe, it’s available for Formula One. In automotive sports betting, you can do one of two things: you can either bet on the auto racing matchups, or you can bet on a driver to win.

In the auto racing matchup, the sportsbook pits two drivers against each other. Even though they are not specifically competing against one another on the track, they are being matched up against one another on the auto racing odds board.

You bet by choosing one of the drivers. If one of those drivers finishes ahead of the other, you win. If you have Driver A at -120 then you have to bet $120 to win $100, or $1200 to win $1000, or $240 to win $200. If Driver B is at +120, you will have to bet $100 to win $120 or $1000 to win $1200.

When you bet on a driver to win, the driver you picked has to win the race for you to get money. The more drivers that participate, the longer are the odds. In NASCAR, for example, the odds will be longer because there are more drivers involved than, say, Formula One or IndyCar.

There are other miscellaneous things that you can bet on as well. Betting options include the manufacturer of the winning car or the number of cautions during the race. When betting on automotive sports betting, it’s important to always focus on the driver, his car, and his team, as they are the most significant factors.

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