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Car-Buying Startup Facilitates Financing

canstockphoto17044427Car Lister, a car-buying platform launched last year, partnered with eLend Solutions to provide a credit application product into the Car Lister platform, the companies announced in September.

Naples, Fla.-based Dreamware Inc., Car Lister’s parent company, designed the web app to make the financing process more pleasant for consumers, while fully integrating dealers, according to Henry Block, western regional director at Car Lister. “We are not trying to take business away from dealers, just the opposite,” Block told AFN. “Consumers can sit in their living room with a mobile device and choose a car, negotiate financing, get pre-qualified, and finalize their purchase. They can also stop at any of those stages, and finalize the purchase at the dealership.”

Once buyers provide the necessary information, they can select loan preferences, payment terms, and make a down payment from their mobile device. Car Lister matches those preferences with specific lender programs, available through 254 dealers in 35 states. “This way they [dealers] are not losing the financing with the
customer,” Pete Macinnis, chief executive of eLend Solutions, told AFN. “With our dealers pricing the vehicles competitively, this system makes everyone happy.”

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