Cadillac ‘Book’ Brings Flexible Subscription Alternative to Car Ownership [VIDEO]

  • William Hoffman
  • January 5, 2017
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CadillacConsumers in the New York metro area will soon be able to purchase a monthly Cadillac “subscription service” that allows users to drive one of the brand’s several vehicles for as long or short a period as they desire without a lease or loan agreement, General Motors announced in a press release.

It’s called Cadillac “Book,” and for $1,500 a month, consumers can use a mobile app to request one of the luxury brand’s vehicles. Cadillac will deliver the vehicle via a “white-glove concierge service” and users can keep it for months or choose to switch vehicles on a daily basis.

The price tag certainly makes the service more expensive than owning or leasing a Cadillac, but the company argues that consumers get a lot more flexibility in return.

Maintenance, insurance and detailing of the vehicle are all handled by Cadillac and included in the monthly price, however the flexibility goes beyond overcoming the typical hassles of car ownership, according to the company.

Subscribers would have access to the latest model vehicles and thus the latest technology, which is rapidly advancing. Users could also tailor the vehicle to their current needs, the release explained. 

“Book by Cadillac is an innovative new option targeted at a growing class of luxury drivers searching for access to various cars over time, dependent on their individual needs, coupled with a hassle-free white-glove exchange,” said Uwe Ellinghaus, Cadillac’s chief marketing officer.

For a price comparison, Cadillac is currently advertising its XT5 crossover SUV at a monthly lease rate of $439 a month for a 39 month term with $4,559 down. That would come to $21,000 over the life of the term before maintenance, insurance costs, while $1,500 monthly payments through Cadillac Book would total $58,000 over the same period.

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