The Auto Finance Risk Summit returns as free webinar series

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The 2020 Auto Finance Risk Summit Webinar Series will offer an in-depth look at strategies for mitigating fraud, how to stay ahead of changing regulatory risks, and how to balance regulatory risk with operational cost in three webinars at 1 p.m. ET on July 29, Aug. 5 and Aug. 12. 

This free series offers a chance to learn the best practices in risk management from your peers at the Auto Finance Coalition, Hudson Cook, McGlinchey, and Exeter Finance during a crucial moment in the industry for risk management as COVID-19 continues to impact the world.

The automotive finance industry faces increased economic uncertainty and declining car sales, issues that the Auto Finance Risk Summit Webinar Series will address with topics that include regulatory and operational risk as well as fraud mitigation.

In 2019, fraud was a $7 billion problem for the auto finance industry, and the COVID-19 economic crisis has only worsened the problem. Todd Wolf, chairman of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators’ Auto Finance Coalition, will address cost-effective ways to prevent fraud in the July 29 webinar “Strategies for Mitigating Fraud.”

State and federal compliance are always top of mind for auto lenders. In the Aug. 5 “Regulatory Risk Roundup” webinar, Hudson Cook partner Michael Benoit and McGlinchey’s Mark Edelman will discuss strategies lenders can adopt for stronger regulatory compliance.

The series wraps up with the Aug. 12 webinar “Effective Collaboration Between First and Second Lines of Defense,” sponsored by LiveVox. Meredith Garland-Hannifin, Exeter Finance’s senior vice president of Risk and Compliance, will discuss the critically important task of delivering sound, independent advisory services to the first line of defense — without hampering business strategy.

Register now for the Auto Finance News free webinar series to gain valuable industry insights in a time of unparalleled uncertainty.  

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