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‘The Zero Dollar Car’ returns to the Auto Captives Summit [SPONSORED]

Last year John Ellis, Connectivity Strategist and former Global Technologist of the Connected Car Program at Ford, shared a fantastic presentation on ‘The Zero Dollar Car’ at the Auto Captives Summit.

John Ellis predicts that the traditional format whereby an auto dealer sells a car, and its associated finance product, is set to become an out-of-date business model.

By 2020, 90% of all new cars will have networking ability and become “connected cars”, offering finance companies the chance to stay in contact with a customer throughout the car’s lifecycle.

Technology companies see this as the chance to create a mobile eco system, which will allow marketers to harvest, analyze and process data to be monetarized.

This will make existing processes more streamlined and cost efficient and could potentially see the rise of the ‘Zero Dollar Car’ as the next development stage.

If you missed last year’s presentation you can watch it here.

This year John Ellis returns to The Auto Captives Summit to share more insights into the Zero Dollar Car and to share: 

  • What other industries are doing to counteract what appears to be an inevitable future
  • How these other efforts can be applied within the Automotive Captive Finance industry
  • The outline of a new role for the Automotive Captive Finance professional within the automotive OEM.

Join us at the Auto Captives summit on the 9th November at the Hilton, London Tower Bridge for this excellent presentation, plus more insightful presentations from leading industry experts including Blockchain Applications in Auto Finance, Using Machine Learning to Enhance Fraud Detection, Next Generation Digital Signatures and Auto Finance in the new digital Ecosystem.

This is a unique opportunity for senior auto finance executives to meet to consider and debate the transforming landscape of auto finance, and to network with other senior auto finance industry executives from across the globe, including companies such as Volkswagen Financial Services, BMW Financial Services, Ford Credit, GM Financial, Hyundai Capital, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), Tesla Motors, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover, who have already registered for this conference.

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