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How to Incorporate Diversity and Inclusion Practices in the Workplace

Richard Porrello, president of auto finance business, Huntington Bank

Marlon Moore, chief diversity and inclusion officer, Huntington Bank

Collaborative corporate strategy, healthy relationships with other businesses, and opportunities that enable colleagues to fully express themselves are just a few of the benefits that come with a well-designed diversity and inclusion (D&I) program for any financial services business.

In this episode of The Roadmap, Auto Finance Excellence talks with two executives from Huntington Bank about the steps required to develop and implement diverse and inclusive programs in the auto finance space.

Diversity comes into play when developing workplace relationships, but Huntington doesn’t look at inclusion as a “challenge,” Porrello said. Instead, he thinks of the importance of having a diverse set of colleagues that understand customers in certain markets. “When you think about the auto finance business, it’s very important for us to have colleagues in the field who know local customers,” he said.

Last year, Huntington launched Colleagues Reflections on Inclusion — a program that Moore said he’s most proud of. “I’d call it more of an experience,” he said. “We bring together colleagues and have a very open reflective period about three different topics: race, generational differences, and gender pairing in the workplace.”

What other D&I practices should be incorporated into businesses? Tune in to The Roadmap to learn how to ensure that the topics of race, age, and gender diversity never slip under the radar.

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