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Hyundai Capital Starts Multiyear Process to Combine Data Silos, Mitigate Risk

Marcelo Brutti - Hyundai Capital America

Hyundai Capital America’s Chief Risk Officer Marcelo Brutti speaking at the 2016 Auto Finance Summit. (William Hoffman)

LAS VEGAS — Hyundai Capital America has started the process of organizing, consolidating, and streamlining its data silos, the company’s Chief Risk Officer Marcelo Brutti said at the 2016 Auto Finance Summit last week. The goal is to achieve an integrated system that will cut down the margin of error in risk management, he added.

“You go to one group and say, ‘I want this type of analysis,’ then you go to a different group and ask for the same analysis, and you’ll get two different sets of results — that cannot happen,” Brutti said of the current state of data in the industry. “What we’re going to do is create a central depository that will house all of the data from the different groups,” he said. “We’re going to have one version of the truth.”

The process could take three to five years to complete, Brutti told attendees, but could have wide-ranging applications — from marketing to alternative forms of credit verification such as cell phone bills, rental payments, utilities, and even social media. The company is already testing these processes in pilot programs.

“We’re not going to be able to collapse all the databases into one overnight, so we’re going to start one by one, bringing them in house,” Brutti added. “We’re going to lead by example.”

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