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Hyundai Capital America to Boost Lease Volume with Genesis Finance

BoostersHyundai Capital America expects to see growth in leasing volume through Genesis Finance, the company’s new branded captive, which launched Aug. 4, Tim Devine, HCA’s senior vice president of dealer services, told Auto Finance News.

“We think this will be a highly lease-centric customer base,” he said. “Genesis Motors has the G80 and G90 that are out there now, with a CUV and SUV coming too. Absolutely that will add volume to us, we capture 100% of the lease business. So the more they sell, the more the brand expands.”

If consumers want to use outside financing for a loan, they can choose to do so, but any kind of subvention program would be directed through Genesis Finance, Devine added. Consumers who opt for financing through Genesis Finance, however, will also receive the benefit of having a Universal Agent when calling in for assistance.

“It’s going to be a one-stop shop for those customers that have an issue,” Devine said. “They can call in and an agent will be trained to handle anything from a title issue, billing issue, or to a property tax issue — anything that would come up with this customer. The other brands have segmented collections and title departments, but these agents will be highly skilled in every aspect of our business.”

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