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Navy Federal brings voice verification to members

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Navy Federal Credit Union launched a new identification tool this week that allows members to repeat a simple passphrase to verify their identity on the phone, according to a company announcement.

The “VoiceID” technology is available to members who sign up for the service by recording a passphrase through the credit union’s call center.

“Security is our priority. Similar to a fingerprint, your voiceprint is unique to you,” said Michele Wilson, who manages the NFCU contact center operations. “VoiceID removes the need to remember multiple pieces of personal information, making it easy and convenient for our members to access their accounts.”

After piloting the technology with credit union members and employees in late 2019, Navy Federal received positive feedback, with 90% of respondents saying they were satisfied with the enrollment process, and 85% of those enrolled saying they would recommend VoiceID to others.

Vienna, Va.-based Navy Federal is the 21st-largest auto lender, with $13.9 billion of loans outstanding, according to Big Wheels Auto Finance Data. It was established in 1933, and serves more than 9 million members globally.

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