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HyreCar Exec Eyes Rideshare Opportunities Beyond ‘Just Moving People’

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HyreCar’s new director of strategic partnerships is thinking about moving products, not just people, with its peer-to-peer carsharing service.

HyreCar connects car owners with idle vehicles to rideshare drivers in need of cars. “There’s going to be a lot more growth in food delivery, in medical pharmaceutical delivery, recreational drug delivery, and packages that is going to explode the ridesharing opportunity for people who can share their [vehicles],” Brian Allan told AFN.

In addition to the transportation of products, Allan has set his sights on specialized transportation, like driving people who are immobile to the emergency room. “What if we formalize that and say, ‘This driver is certified to deal with somebody who’s immobile,’” Allan said.

The only missing piece, he said, is the proper accreditation for people to “do things other than just move people,” declining to disclose any more information about the status of such accreditation. No timeline was given for a rollout of this service, but Allan noted that it would draw more drivers into the ridesharing industry, especially if the economy takes a turn.

“More people will look for jobs as drivers for ridesharing, and if we can create more specialized ridesharing, where they can earn more money than even the traditional Uber and Lyft driver, that creates more demand for cars,” he said.

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