Fintech relationships in the age of COVID-19 [Webinar]

© Can Stock Photo / DamienGeso

Auto lenders have been steadily beefing up digital initiatives throughout the years, and the coronavirus pandemic is set to put their efforts to the test. In fact, a solid digital platform may be the key to mitigating the potential slowdown brewing in the auto finance market.

With the new vehicle SAAR forecast for 2020 plummeting, the ability to provide consumers with an online car buying and financing experience will provide opportunities for lenders to mitigate the slowdown.

Collaborating with and incorporating startups is one solution, as our presenter explains in the latest webinar hosted by Auto Finance News. Tune in to the complete recording of the webinar below.

During this webinar Rodrigo Suarez, principle at INV Fintech, will guide the audience through the benefits, challenges and solutions of financial institutions and fintechs working together, particularly in the midst of COVID-19.

This webinar, “How to Construct and Maintain Effective Fintech Relationships​,” is a part of the virtual presentation experience we started during the Auto Finance Innovation Summit earlier this month. You can download the full presentation by clicking here.

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